About the conference

Theory of reasons for action has been one of the most important areas of research in practical philosophy for over a half century, but mainly in English-speaking cultural area. Still, it is a dominant approach to the theory of action today.

Praxiology – a general theory or study of efficient action (with a seminal work of Tadeusz Kotarbinski from Warsaw-Lvov School) – is another important type of investigation on the field of practical philosophy. It also has quite a long tradition, but has been popular mainly in Poland and France.

While these two types of investigation of action are equally important, there has never been either a philosophical ‘battle’ or ‘cooperation’ between reasons for action theorists and praxiologists. It seems, that the researchers of both types of inquiry have so far not entered into dialogue to get a better understanding of the nature of action.

The most basic goal of this strongly interdisciplinary conference is to offer a small contribution to such communication. We invite praxiologists, reasons for action theorists, theorists of practical rationality and practical philosophers to exchange ideas and communicate. This will help to grasp a fuller understanding of the differences and similarities between various types of reflection on action. The conference will offer insights into the understanding of action in philosophical, social and cultural aspects.



  1. WOJCIECH GASPARSKI (Kozminski University, Poland)
  2. TIMO AIRAKSINEN (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  3. GERHARD SEEL (University of Bern, Switzerland)
  4. BOB BRECHER (Brighton University, United Kingdom)
  5. ANDRZEJ WIERCIŃSKI (Freiburg University, Poland/Germany)


The specific aims of the conference are:

  • Broadening the understanding by crossing traditional boundaries between various types of theorizing action,
  • Analysing the potential of mutual influence of reasons for action theory and praxiology,
  • Contributing to the contemporary debate on the theory of action.

Quick details

WHEN: June, 12-14th 2013 (the whole event: June 12-15th)

WHERE: Poznan, Poland (DS Jowita AMU)

ORGANIZERS: Praxiologies.com Team in cooperation with the Chair of Ethics, Institute of Philosophy, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan (conference is a part of the project sponsored by Polish National Science Center)


The city of Poznan

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